Multi-Lingual Car Rental


CRBMS supports website and call-centre module translations to any language. The Language module provides you with flexible way of translating and changing texts displayed to clients, customisation and translation of e-mails and vouchers.

Your clients can now enjoy working with you in their native language. Number of languages is virtually unlimited — you can add as many as you wish. Languages and Markets are separate and can be mixed and cross-referenced as you may find best for your business and clients.

Just Car Rental? No! You can also book supplementary extras of your suppliers or any third parties, insurances, bikes, boats, vans, and motorhomes using our system.
Flexible discounts and promo codes will help you finding best approach to your clients and creating best motivating offers. 
XML Connections to external systems: CRBMS can be connected to any external system like comparison websites, other brokers, or any other sites.

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