Car Rental Front-End

Front-End Website

As CRBMS uses XML to interconnect back end system and website, there is a wide choice of solutions how to build the website.

You can use existing website to connect it to CRBMS, or we can develop new state-of-the-art website for you basing on our know-how, newest technologies and trends. Or you can even let any third party develop it for you – it’s completely up to you. Do the way you feel is best for you. Our websites have a wide choice of features you can offer to your clients – quick search of cars, useful filters, „self service“ area, and lots of other features. To keep administration costs of website as low as possible, we offer you our CMS module (Content Management System), which will allow you editing your website content (texts, pictures, etc) without need of any programming skills. It’s just easy as using any stadard text editor, so you can apply colors and formatting to your texts with several clicks.

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