Car Rental Broker Front-End

CRBMS Front-End

(customer website)
  • Intuitively comprehensible graphic user interface and wide choice of options are the result of our team's years of experience in the car rental industry.
  • Informative websites will allow your customers to make all reservations on their own and amend them online. Most up to date information is obtained via XML feeds.
  • Accurate information displayed on website will make your clients confident as they will see all possible options, fees and surcharges before they place a booking. Vehicles, which are not available for reservations within selected criteria, simply will not be shown to clients.
  • Multiple Front-End systems, having their own language, pricing policy, currency, geographic location, web design, etc will allow you to be most effective on local markets. All websites are connected through XML interface to the Back-End system that controls everything that happens on websites.
  • Affiliate websites and White-Label engine will help you expanding your business very effectively.

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