Car Rental Broker Back-end

CRBMS Back-End

(management interface)
  • Contract Management — this module provides complete control over your supplier contracts.
  • Call Centre — the informative call centre module will help you serve your clients accurately and keep them satisfied.
  • Market Management module allows you to be flexible and keep your markets with their specifics under control.
  • Availability Management — make your clients confident by quoting only available vehicles; show them all possible additional fees and surcharges before they book.
  • Supplier communication — all necessary means of communication are covered for quick and cost-efficent operations.
  • Client notifications keep your clients informed about all changes to their reseravations.
  • Merchant Interface lets you process credit cards automatically without need to manually intervene in the payment process.
  • Management Information — we offer you wide choice of reports and tools, which give you full control of your business.

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